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Get inspired! DonateMyDress.org spokesperson Ashley Greene, from Twilight, and girls across the nation tell you what dress donation means to them.

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Dear DonateMyDress.org,

Ashley Greene

I decided to become the DonateMyDress.org spokesperson because it completely hit home for me. I grew up with limited funds, so when I saved enough to buy my prom dress, it was such a highlight in my teenage life. I went to my high school sweetheart’s senior prom and had a blast. I felt truly beautiful. It’s unrealistic to expect to feel that way all the time, but if there is ever a time to feel perfect, it’s prom. Prom was such a big deal; you can't quite understand it unless you experience it. 

As spokesperson for DMD, my goal is to raise awareness for a great cause, one that helps girls have the most special night of their lives. Like Alice Cullen, the character I play in Twilight, I absolutely love dressing friends up in my clothes and I know the importance of a good prom dress. My dress helped to create a night that cannot be replicated. Everyone should be able to have that experience, and remember it fondly forever.  

My dresses all hold sentimental value, but if donating my dresses can give someone else the same feeling I once had, it’s completely worth it. 

Ashley Greene

Dear DonateMyDress.org,

Recently, I was on the Rachael Ray Show to talk about the expenses of prom. I was told there were going to be other girls there who entered CosmoGIRL!'s "Win A Prom Dress" contest. But that was completely false! I was shocked to find that I was the only girl sitting in the front row and I was going to talk to Rachael during her interview with Brittany Snow [who stars in the movie "Prom Night"]. When Brittany presented me with her powder blue dress for my prom, I was so happy.


At my school, it's hard to fit in because all the other girls have enough money in their family to get whatever they want. That's the down side of going to a prep school. I have to work four or five days a week at the local Shaws [grocery store]. Some of the other girls have never worked a day in their life. It's hard for me to afford all the prom essentials, such as a dress and shoes. But now that Brittany has given me this dress, all the other girls are envious of me. Many of the popular girls said that Brittany was their "idol" and that I was so lucky.

I completely agree and I know how lucky I am. DonateMyDress.org is a great organization to help girls like me who need prom dresses. Thank you to Brittany Snow and DonateMyDress.org for this wonderful experience and amazing dress.


Dear Seventeen,

The year of my high school prom, I was homeless and living in a car or sleeping outside on the street. I had nothing other than my (very few) school supplies and the clothes on my back, but I knew if I kept going to work and school, I would be OK. I just wanted a real prom and when I picked up the flier for the Princess Project at school, it made all the difference. Because of them I was able to have a real prom with a dress, accessories, and makeup! There's no way I would have been able to do that before and I can' t thank them enough for making my year a little more enjoyable.


Dear Fairy Godmother Project of Houston,

I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of myself and my mother for the wonderful experience we had picking out a dress for me. My senior year has been extremely expensive and with so much to pay for, the help with the dress, jewelry, purse, and makeup is truly appreciated. I was like a kid in a candy store picking out the perfect dress for a well-deserved night of dress up and fun. Your organization is a gift to all deserving young women and men who are working so hard to finish school admist all the challenges we face daily. I will be in touch to find a way to volunteer next year and make someone else's day just as special.

"Very Lucky" from the Class of 2007

Dear Fairy Godmother Project of Houston,

Even though I was working part-time while attending high school, I still did not have the money to attend my senior prom. I lived in a single-parent home and although I was well provided for, extras, like a prom dress, were simply not feasible. My co-worker found out about the Fairy Godmother Project and nominated me. I was nervous when she told me, but as the day approached, my excitement grew. At the event, all the volunteers were kind and so helpful. Everyone made me feel as if I was the star. I found a beautiful green gown that fit me perfectly and my prom was everything that I had ever hoped it would be.

Throughout college I reflected on the kindness that those people showed me and just waited for a period in my life when I could return the favor. Now that I have finished college and am a successful businesswoman, I have seized the opportunity to return the love and acceptance that this organization provided me. Everyone may not have my same story, but I am doing my part to assure that every girl feels that same love and acceptance at such a crucial period in life.

Heather Gailey

Dear Cinderella's Trunk,

I am a senior in high school and homeless. I live with my mom in our station wagon. I'm lucky that I get two free meals at school every day. Some days my mom doesn't get to eat. It's been like this ever since my dad left.

I already knew there was no way I was going to any dances this year. Then, when I had my visit with my school counselor, she told me about you. And did I find the perfect dress! It was a lot of fun to come in and have a person dedicated to helping me. I must have tried on 30 dresses and she didn't care that I was taking a long time, she was so friendly and fun - and she knew all about fashion and what dresses look good on my body type, and what colors look good on me. I felt like Cinderella when she helped me find shoes to match!

She helped me with jewelry and makeup, and even gave me the undergarments I needed for my dress. And a gift certificate for dinner at the Keg!

I'm coming back for prom - and I already know which dress I want! Thank you for making my dream come true.


Dear Cinderella's Trunk,

I am finally getting back on my feet after a long battle with my health and subsequent unemployment due to health problems. It has been very important to me that my daughter not work while she's in school so that she can focus on schoolwork to make the most of herself. I would not have been able to send her to prom if it wasn't for you. You gave her literally everything she needed —a beautiful dress, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and even a limo certificate!

She looked and felt like a princess, and more importantly, she was able to go to prom with all her friends, thanks to you. She had a great night and has pictures to remember it by. Having not attended my prom, I know how crushing it can be. I want to thank you for preventing my daughter from feeling that way.


Dear Cinderella’s Closet,

The dress that I received from you last year was beautiful! It was baby pink with different patches of reds and pink beading. It was truly a fairytale princess dress! I was very fortunate to be able to come to you for help last year. I was in between jobs and I was trying to save every penny for a dress, but as you may know, prom dresses are very pricey and no matter how much I tried to save, I always ended up just a little short. Because of Cinderella's Closet, a big burden was lifted off of my shoulders, and I just want someone else to be able to feel the same way I did. This year I hope to buy my own prom dress with the money that I have been saving, and I am planning on donating it to Cinderella's Closet afterward so that someone else can feel special on their big night!

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